TUHEL: PSG did not want to lose from Anfield

TUHEL: PSG did not want to lose from Anfield

Paris-coach Saint Germain Tomas Touchel defeated the defeat of his Liverpool-team (2: 3) in the opening round of the Champions League.

"We played an excellent first half in which Liverpool did not deserve to have a lead of two goals, even in such a situation we did not give up and we played courageously, but after the break we lost the ball too easily, it was difficult at the end, but I still can not say we should be more aggressive, but it was my first game in the PSG Champions League and we have to improve the game with three strikers, so that we can solve the disputed games to my advantage. win the following games and he builds up because Neimar is always dangerous, but it was not an easy match for him today, but he's always a threat when he's on the field, "Tughel said.

Parisian midfielder Adrienne Rabio is of the same opinion. "We were disappointed, but there were positive moments, we followed our plan, we tried to obstruct the opponent with counterattacks, we played well, even with supportive midfielders who were not used to this position, not enough, but the positive moments were a lot "Rabio said. / BGNES

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