United stepped out of the crisis, Lucacou saved the message from Mourinho

Manchester United made a remarkable 2: 0 victory over Burnley in a match in the 4th round of the Premier League and so the team ended their bad series of two consecutive championship skins.

Prior to the meeting, fans raised a banner in the air and said, "Ed Woodward is a failure specialist," as was clear a few days ago.

This victory will certainly reduce some tensions around team manager Jose Mourinho, who is in serious conflict with both media representatives and team leaders.

Lucacu scored both goals for the guests after being accurate in the 27th and 44th minute. Meanwhile, Rapsford was kicked out in the 68th minute and got his first red card in his career and Pugba missed a penalty two minutes earlier.

The meeting began with the absolute superiority of the visiting team in charge of the initiative in the first few minutes and did not appear to be in crisis.

Shortly after the start, Lukaku was great from Sanchez, but the home keeper saved and prevented a shot from reaching his door.

Nevertheless, the visiting team achieved the goal. Shaw found excellent Sanchez, who was well centered in the penalty area and Romulu with his head did not lose the opponents' chances and led his team.

About ten minutes later, Hart took a great shot and prevented Lukaku from taking his second goal in the match, but one minute before half time, the Belgian 2: 0 was in favor of the guests and "killed" the intrigues.

After the blow from Ligard from the boundary of the penalty area, the ball turned to an opponent and reached Lukaku, who did not miss the distance from the door.

The second half was pretty dramatic, because the infarct moments were not lacking.

In the first few minutes, nothing interesting happened on the pitch, where the hosts apparently gambled that they could not take anything out of this game.

In the 66th minute, Shaw's dangerous shot was saved by Hart, and two minutes later, the guests were entitled to take a penalty for Lennon's failure against Rashford in the penalty area.

Pugba rushed to her performance, but Hart saved her feet and the penalty was not scored. A minute later, Rashford and Bardsley bumped hard and formed a fight between the two teams.

Marcus got a direct red card and was the first expulsion in his career.

80 minutes into the match, Lukaku could have been rewarded by a magnificent pass, but if he managed to shove it off.

There were no more hits at the end and the result remained.


0: 1 Lukaku 27
0: 2 Lukaku 44

Burnley: Hart, Bardsley, Mie, Tarkovsky, Taylor, Lennon, Cork, Westwood, Hendrik (58 – Vauks), Wood, McNeil

Manchester United: The Hea, Valencia, Smoling, Lindelof, Shaw, Felaini, Matich, Pogba, Linggaard (77 – Hera), Sanchez (61 – Rashford)

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