Vashchuk: It took only a few minutes to draw with Levski – BG Football – First League

Levski's latest addition, Bogdan Vachuk, shared his first impressions as a "blue" player. He described them as the largest club in Bulgaria and revealed that he was not hesitant to sign a contract.

"I feel excited, I have signed a contract with the biggest club in Bulgaria and I like to join in. I hope to score a lot of goals in this stadium." It took me only a few minutes to decide to sign up at the club, "said Vizchuk has revealed that he is familiar with the history of the club.

"Levsky is very famous, so I am happy to be here, I am familiar with the history of Levski, I know he is a multiple champion of Bulgaria, but I will still know the atmosphere here in detail," said the Estonian. and revealed his favorite position of the field.

"I am an attacking midfielder, I love the attack style and I have a chance to score," said the midfielder and told who knew the players of the current team.

"I understand that Gabriel Oberantan, an old soccer player, is playing here, and I will join the team soon, I hope they welcome me," Vaschuk added and shared his memories with Levsky's coach, Slavisa Stojanovic. , who worked with FC Riga last year.

"Remember me with the coach Slaviša Stojanovic is great, I can not wait to start training under his leadership and with the team, I hope we have a special season for Levski, if we can win a title or cup, why not both, "said the Estonian and finally talks about the fans of Levski.

"I know that Levski fans are numerous and love their team, they support it continuously and hope to see them in the stadium next week, Levski only," Vaschuk concluded.

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