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Milan won the first victory in Serie A! The boys of Gennaro Gatuso made a dramatic success after 2: 1 compared to Roma at home. The winning goal for the Rosoneri fell in the added time of the meeting – 95 minutes, and his author was the reserve of Patrick Kutronne. So after Napoleon's turn from 2: 0 to 2: 3 a week ago, the Milanians now managed to take the first full set of points. For Roma remains the bitterness of the first loss in the season after the draw against Atalanta (3: 3). and the victory over Torino (1: 0) in the first two rounds of the championship. The Video Replication System, VAR, also participated in the meeting and intervened twice decisively, with one shot of Milan and Roma being canceled. Both times correct.

First in the 62nd minute, the Milanese striker Gonzalo Iguain got a cross behind the defense of Roma and managed to get over to Olsen. The Argentinian, however, had an idea behind the latter in defending his opponent and the referee canceled the hunt after consulting with VAR.

17 minutes later, a corner in the penalty area of ​​Roma allowed Steven N & # 39; Zonzi to fight in a number of players and knock it in the door of Donaruma. However, the attack was also not taken into account after the video showed that the Frenchman had helped with his hand in controlling the ball.

In the first half, Milan via Frank Cessie in the 40th minute and 15 minutes after the start of the second half Federico Facio was right.

The first half leaned on the dangers of the two doors. Milan started the game very actively, with a high press and a desire to control the middle of the field while Roma played was pulled more in half. Frank Kessie and Giacomo Bonaventura stuck to the Roma midfielder Steven N & # 39; Zonzi and Daniele De Rossi, making it difficult for the hosts to take the ball out.

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Milan captured the middle of the field and began to press his opponent more and more. In the 28th minute Sousse dared to shoot from a distance, but Olsen hit the ball in the corner. The resulting center sent the ball to Iguaine's foot, but he failed to score the ball.

The first goal fell five minutes before the end of the first part. Attack of the Rosoners through the center ensured that Bonaventura could break the Roma defense between Federico Facio and Costas Manloas to find left back Ricardo Rodriguez. The Swiss took over and turned around and landed on the far beam. The defense of the visitors had been postponed and Frank Kessi took the lead.

Roma started the second half with the idea to return to the game and even fight for the three points. Only 15 minutes after the start of the second part, the "wolves" had already scored the result. This third goal means a hat-trick for the home team, which seems to play without problems for the defenders. The ball returned to Milan's field, but was narrowed to the corner of the penalty area, where Federico Facio was able to make a well-considered journey and did not abandon the chances of a rival.

Milan immediately tried to respond with a series of attacks on the door of Robin Olsen. Two times Rodriguez, once Suzo and Iguaine tried to rob the Swedish guard of Roma, but he convincingly intervened with every joke. In the added time, One Jack was near a shot, after he was in the right position for a shot, but the attacker failed to hit the ball well and he ran out.

The drama still had to come, however, after the bad ball was removed from the wolves at the last moment of the added time, Iguaine had given permission to remove the opponent's defense and find the Kurtone reserve. The nose of the young striker in front of the opponent's door did not mislead him and with a measured stroke he left the three points to San Siro.

Starting teams of both teams:

Milan: Danilo, Calabria, Matteo Moussakio, Alessio Romanelli, Ricardo Rodriguez (Diego Lalcitt 76), Frank Kessie, Lucas Billy, Giacomo Bonaventura (Patrick Krotone 84), Susano, Hakan Chauhanoglu Promotor: Gennaro Gatuzo

Roma: Robin Olsen, Costas Manollas, Federico Fassio, Ivan Markano (Stefan El Shaarawy 46), Daniele De Rossi, Steven N & # 39; Zonzi, Rick Karsdrop (Davide Sandton 78), Alexander Kolarov, One Jack, Javier Pastore (Brian Kristante 68 & # 39;), Patrick Schick Promotor: Eusebio Di Francesco

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