Vettel has not revealed what he was not happy with

Sebastian Vettel has not revealed why he wanted to talk to Ferrari after Kimi Raikkonen won the pole position of Monza while the German remained the second.

Once he finished the session and realized he had not won the qualifying session, Vettel said on the radio: "We'll talk later." He was happy for that, but his joy did not last long.

"It's clear that I was not happy, but I'm not going to tell you why," Seb said at the press conference, and revealed that Kimi's order for the decisive tours was the second and probably the pull-up effect.

"There is a line in the team that changes every weekend, and now it was Kimi & # 39; s turn to come in. Actually, my last lap was not good enough and I lost too much time, I'm lucky to be second I just was not fast enough for a post, "he said.

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