VIDEO of the action how a coach defeats a judge in Second League


The Nova TV shows about the lunar sport showed images of the action in the stadium in the village of Erden, where the coach of the hosts Carriana Atanas Djambazki was defeated by the referee Ivailo Nenkov the home loss of the team Struma Glory in a second league game

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The guests scored the winning goal at the end of the game and this frustrated the rage of the former mentor of Slavia, Montana, Spartak (Varna), Botev (Vratsa), Litex and others. Djambazzki threatened to challenge the head referee Ivaylo Nenkov, but his assistant Assen Krumov set out and took a few strokes

The carriage of Carriana was taken by the police. Now Atanas Djambazki expects a serious punishment from BFU. His team will most likely get an official loss of 0: 5. SECOND LIGA – SEASON 2018/19

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