Wesca makes Barca furious and was brutally beaten by "Know Camp" + VIDEO

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Barcelona's Premier defeated an 8: 2 new Ueska in a spectacular game from the third round of the Spanish La Liga, played in the Nou Camp.

The two teams created a real target show in the first half with five hits. The guests found the score early, but they got three goals in just over twenty minutes. Leo Messi equalized with a solo move, Pulido scored his own goal and Luis Suarez scored his first goal for the season. Shortly before the end, Gayar returned the intrigues.

However, it was removed because shortly after an hour the Catalans pushed three goals via Osman Dembele, Ivan Rakitic and Messi, with a too spectacular Croatian goal. In the 81rd minute was scored and the back Jordi Alba, who received a pass from Messi. In the added time Suarez formed the end result of a penalty.

So Barcelona stayed with a full 9 points but Real Madrid moved from the top because of its better goal difference. Wesca is 13th with a decent trump of four points.

The meeting started in a sensational way, because just after 120 seconds had passed, the guests surprisingly found the result. Miramon went to the right and Longo jerked his head, and on the first beam Kucho Hernandez managed to deflect with a certain luck near the corner.

The game of the champions was not at all, because the defense of their opponent was very well arranged. Moreover, Weskas often looked ahead and demonstrated a lot of self-confidence against his eminent rival.

Fifteen minutes later it began to happen and Lionel Messi showed why he was considered the most brilliant football player of the day. The Argentinian reached the boundary of the criminal field and passed a sharp fint past three defenders and ended masterfully on the diagonal with his right leg, realizing himself with the help of the sidebar.

In the middle of the first part Barca made a complete turnaround after Jorge Pulido's own goal. He tried to knock Jordi Alba's sharp center out of the box, but instead surprised his own keeper.

Half an hour before the active Osman Dembele made a great kick with his left foot, but the ball hit the crossbar. Leo Messi fought on a free kick, but the ball went wide. Messi's soft lead brought Pique out of position on the far bar, but the defender could not push the ball into the net.

In the 39th minute, however, there was no forgiveness and Luis Suarez scored his first goal for the season. Uruguay caught the center of Jordy's left, but he had to wait for his joy. The reason was the decision of the referee to check the situation with the VAR system, because Alba was in agreement with the defense. Eventually, referee Lopez took note of the incident.

The goal fiesta continued, however, because Barca's defense led to another good Weska-action. Gomez left from the air to the edge of the little pennant and Alex Gillar got out of the way. Barca tried to fend off Kutinho with two shots, but in the first case keeper Werner saved and the ball went out.

Right after the break Leo Messi missed a great opportunity, shaking on the bar. Repeats showed, however, that the ball deviated from the head of goalkeeper Werner. Despite the pass, Barca scored a fourth goal shortly afterwards when Osman Dembele finished diagonally after a good shot by Luis Suarez.

Barca eliminated the intrigue four minutes later when Leo Messi took Ivan Rakitic to the right and the Croatian scored a very nice shot. He fired on the diagonal without training and sent the ball to the lower left corner.

Then Coyutinho was denied by the goalkeeper and Pique would be wrong with his head. Shortly after an hour of play, Barca scored the sixth goal. Philippe Coutinho brought Messi, who only came against the goalkeeper and chewed with a blow in the lower right corner.

The flattery managed to score the hat trick after 78 minutes, but his superb free kick went wide of the right wing. Three minutes later, Messi Jordi led Alba, and the back also scored her name among the scorers.

At the last minute of regular time, Arturo Vidal tried to reserve a shot with scissors that did not work. But the ball went to Luis Suarez, who shot her head inaccurately.

In the first minute of the added time, Luis Suarez was punched into the penalty area by Werner and the referee pointed to the white spot. The Uruguayan gave the ball to Messi, but he did not want to. Luis took the responsibility and made no mistake with a right strike in the bottom right corner.

Barcelona – Welsh 8: 2

0: 1 Kucho Hernandez – 3 & # 39;
1: 1 Lionel Messi – 16 & # 39;
2: 1 Jorge Pulido – 24 & # 39 ;, own goal
3: 1 Luis Suarez – 39 & # 39;
3: 2 Alex Gayar – 42 & # 39;
4: 2 Osman Dembele – 48 & # 39;
5: 2 Ivan Rakitic – 52 & # 39;
6: 2 Lionel Messi – 61 & # 39;
7: 2 Jordi Alba – 81 & # 39;
8: 2 Luis Suarez – 93 & # 39 ;, penalty shoot-out

Barcelona: Terteur – 76 & # 39 ;, Rakittich (Vidal – 71 & # 39;), Kouttinho, Dembele, Messi, Luis Suarez

Huesca: Werner, Echeita, Pulido, Luizinho, Miramon, Melero, Musto, Gomez, Gajar (Ruben – 65 & # 39;), Longo (Gurler – 58 & # 39;), Hernandez

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