$ 4 million for a pile of waste? Lot full of debris for sale in the Kitsilano district in Vancouver

It is not unusual for homes to be listed in poor condition for millions in Vancouver, but a list near Kitsilano contains a real pile of garbage.

Charged as a "rare development opportunity", the fate on 2573 West 3rd Ave. is for sale for $ 3.99 million.

The building was once the location of a 90-year-old house, but a fire in December reduced the structure to rubble. Eight months later the building is for sale – charred remains of the house included.

The future owner is responsible for removing the debris, but brokers expect it to sell for millions because of the development potential. The country is intended for a maximum of four mansions.

"It's a multi-family lot … That's why it's so expensive," realtor Hunt Tse told CTV News on Tuesday.

For sale in Kits

Neighbors who are tired of watching eight months say they would like to see it for sale, although some questioned the asking price.

"It is completely disturbed," said Esther Alexander.

Alexander remembered when the house went up in smoke, just before Christmas. Fortunately, firefighters could not spread the flames to nearby houses.

"It was extremely scary because it was very, very close," she said.

The house was divided into five units before it burned down.

For sale in Kits

Tse, the broker behind the offer, says he believes that potential buyers can earn back their money by selling and selling the townhomes individually.

Last week, the city placed a legal notice that gave the current owner 10 days to clean up the debris on the plot – according to the neighbors, rats and other animals were attracted. If the land has not been cleared, the city starts the clearance and the owner sends an invoice.

Municipal officials estimate that the bill could be as much as $ 50,000. It would be transferred to the new owner if it remains unpaid.

Neighbors said they did not care who pays for the job, if only it happens quickly.

"The city should just start cleaning up and the people who have to sell it for this rubble, it's been there since December 22nd," said Sophie Dikeakos.

But Tse said that the owner is bankrupt, therefore the mess remains on the premises.

"At the moment it is under exclusion, therefore no one has done anything about it," he said.

Tse said that a few people have expressed interest in the unusual offer, but no offers have been made. He estimates that it would cost about $ 2 million to build terraced houses on the site, bringing the total cost, excluding debris removal, to almost $ 6 million.

With a report from Ben Miljure of CTV Vancouver

Pile of debris for sale in Vancouver

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