Employees in the Globe and Mail could be disabled on Wednesday midnight: trade union

TORONTO – There seems to be a strike in the Globe and Mail.

The union that represents editors of editorial, circulation and advertising at the Globe says it will be able to strike Wednesday by midnight.

Unifor says that 320 members are looking for pension protection and an end to what it says is a gender pay gap.

They have been negotiating with the Globe for six months, but Unifor says the talks have not improved in the past two months.

Members gave their negotiating committee two weeks ago an appointment mandate of 94 percent.

The union says it wants the employer to include all employees in a trade union in a collective pension plan with multiple employers.

It says that approximately 57 percent of Globe's employees are in a retirement plan with a permanent employer, while 36 percent are in a "much worse" defined contribution plan.

A Globe and Mail spokesperson did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

A subsidiary of the Globe and Mail holds an investment in The Canadian Press as part of a joint agreement with the Toronto Star and a subsidiary of La Presse from Montreal.

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