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BC government announces $ 1.47 billion SkyTrain upgrade with 200 new cars

Provincial and federal government funding for the purchase of 200 new and additional replacement cars for SkyTrain's Expo Line and Millennium Line and associated train infrastructure upgrades for handling the new fleet was formalized today.

In a release, the provincial government says that this next round of SkyTrain orders and upgrades will cost $ 1.47 billion. This is also the largest and most expensive order for new cars in the history of public transit.

No manufacturer has been identified because this is determined by a forthcoming procurement process led by TransLink.

This should not be confused with the 56 new Mark III cars that were previously ordered from Bombardier and were planned for a full delivery by the end of 2019.

The new financing also goes to a new additional maintenance and storage site for trains, upgrades of the existing Edmonds train and maintenance center and control and control systems for trains, including a new operation and control center for the entire SkyTrain network.

The location of the new additional storage facility is not identified at this early stage of the planning, but a location along the future Fraser Highway extension of the Expo Line has been previously mentioned as a possibility in early planning documents for that project.

The provincial government contributes $ 579 million, the federal government awards $ 493 million and TransLink covers the remainder of $ 398 million. This investment is part of the Mayor Council's Phase Two transition expansion and improvement plan.

"The BC government is working with all levels of government to realize transit projects that get people out of traffic and make cleaner transport options easier, available and more affordable," said Claire Trevena, BC Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, in a statement.

New SkyTrain Mark III car train

This new Mark III train currently completes a certain number of hours in different service situations. Taken in December 2018. (TransLink)

TransLink plans to use a significant portion of these new cars by the end of the 2020 years to replace the aging fleet of 150 Mark I cars. More than three-quarters of these first-generation SkyTrain cars began to work on time for the 1986 World Exhibition and the remaining cars arrived in two further series in the early 1990s.

The capacity of the system will increase with the larger dimensions of the car, articulated connections and the overall increase in the number of cars that go beyond the number of cars designated as a replacement.

From this order, the capacities of the Expo Line and the Millennium Line will increase to 17,500 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) and 7,500 pphpd respectively. These increases represent an increase of 32% and 96% respectively in load capacity compared to existing capacities.

The first new train wagons of this series could arrive as early as 2023, which meets the demand for both the annual growth of the ridership and the sharp increase in the number of passengers expected from the opening of the Broadway Extension on the Millennium Line in 2025.

TransLink has previously indicated that the new cars should not necessarily be ordered from Bombardier, as it has received considerable interest from international manufacturers due to the size of the coming train order.

Other manufacturers also produce trains using linear induction motors (LIM), which is not owned by Bombardier.

At the beginning of the year, TransLink held a public consultation on the interior design for this new order for cars.

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