Bethesda teases new content for Fallout 76

2019 is for us, and for Bethesda that means new Fallout 76 content and updates. In the studio's newest Inside the Vault blog post, Bethesda fans give a hint to what will come in early 2019. The post goes into some details, but gives some important features that players can expect to see in upcoming updates.

Bethesda & # 39; s plans for new Fallout 76 content early 2019

Since its launch, Bethesda has been the first target addressing the many bugs in the game. That meant a number of important patches, of which three only came out in December. So far, the studio has been able to solve many important problems, but there are still plenty to deal with, as players of the game will certainly agree. As such, fans can expect more game patches to appear soon; "Like our update of December 11," explains Bethesda, referring to the biggest patch of last month; "We will have a major update covering many of the issues you have given feedback on. Full patch comments will follow soon."

Fallout 76 Content Teased by Bethesda

In addition to updates, it seems that Bethesda will soon be ready to add new content to the game. Although a number of new items have been added to the Atom Store since the release, Bethesda has not added any significant new Fallout 76 content yet. It is not exactly known how the post-launch calendar of the game will look like. Bethesda has another release model for post-launch content with Fallout 76, using micro-transaction revenue to fund the development of DLC. As a result, all DLC can be downloaded. As a result of this change, it is currently unknown whether the studio wants to release major expansions, as they have with earlier Fallout titles, or a steady stream of smaller add-ons. (Or indeed, a certain degree of both.)

Be that as it may, Bethesda teases a few upcoming functions; "We also build an incredible list of future updates that we can not wait to share," says the studio; "Including new missions, weekly in-game events, new Vaults opening, a new PvP mode, Player Vending and much more". Some of these functions are mentioned in previous messages, such as the new PvP mode. So far, Bethesda has not confirmed the release dates for new upcoming content. However, it sounds like things can come sooner than later.

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