Bill Gates' nuclear company touches the tension between the US and China: WSJ

NEW YORK (Reuters) – TerraPower LLC, a nuclear energy company chaired by Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., is looking for a new partner for early-stage testing of its technology after new US regulations have forced an agreement with China, the company, to cancel officials told the Wall Street Journal.

TerraPower reached an agreement with China National Nuclear Corp. in 2017 to build an experimental nuclear reactor south of Beijing. But Gates wrote in an essay that was published late last week that TerraPower is unlikely to continue with its plans in light of the new US restrictions on technology deals with China.

The Bellevue, Washington-based company is now not sure what country it will work to test its technology, which is designed to use depleted uranium as fuel for nuclear reactors to improve safety and costs, the company said Journal.

"We are regrouping," Chief Executive Chris Levesque told the Journal in an interview. "Maybe we can find another partner."

The US Department of Energy announced new restrictions on nuclear deals with China in October, in line with a broader plan by the Trump government to China's ability to access US-made technologies it considers to be of strategic importance. limit.

Gates, co-founder of TerraPower, said in his essay that the regulations in the United States are currently too restrictive to be able to build the prototype of the reactor in their own country.

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