Disappointing Surface Laptop 4, Pro 8 graphics leak

Images of the next generation Surface Laptop and Surface Pro show that Microsoft will not change the design of either product for 2021. That is disappointing.

Two images were leaked courtesy of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, where a Twitter user found them and republished them in a tweet. The first shows Surface Laptop 4 and the second shows Surface Pro 8, both of which look identical to their predecessors.

This is especially disappointing for the Pro model, which has had the same basic design since the Surface Pro 3 in 2014, especially considering there is a slimmer and more modern Surface Pro X. I would have hoped and expected Surface Pro 8 to do that . adopt the Pro X design. In the good news department, it looks like we’re getting at least an LTE-compatible Surface Pro 8.

As for Surface Laptop, it seems Microsoft could have followed other PC makers and offered the same screen size in a smaller, thinner, and lighter package with smaller bezels. But there is no evidence for that.

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