Eric Clapton hit out for collaborating with Van Morrison on an anti-lockdown song – RT UK News

The announcement that Eric Clapton and Van Morrison have collaborated on a song criticizing Covid-19 lockdowns has the legendary musicians facing a barrage of criticism from social media – before anyone has heard the tune.

The single, entitled ‘Stand and Deliver’, was written by Morrison and performed by Clapton and will be released on December 4th. Proceeds from the song will go to Morrison’s Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund, which provides assistance to musicians struggling financially due to lockdown measures that prevent many live music performances.

Morrison’s involvement should come as no surprise as he released three songs critical of UK lockdowns in September and October. However, Clapton’s involvement has many pro-lockdown critics slamming him for his apparent political stance.

“Many of us support Van and his efforts to save live music; he is an inspiration, “ Clapton told Variety about his involvement. “We have to get up and be counted because we have to find a way out of this mess. The alternative is not worth thinking about. Live music may never recover. “

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He called the lack of live music events due to lockdowns “Very shocking.”

Despite the song being unreleased, critics have already attacked Clapton with both personal and political attacks.

Of course Eric Clapton wrote an anti-lockdown song. He’s white supremacist, “ film critic Alan Zilberman tweeted, in reference to racist comments made by the music legend decades ago. He has since apologized to them and said they got him “ashamed.”

“Eric Clapton is and still is British nationalist trash,” musician Kristopher Goad wrote.

“And now they are dead to me,” author Kimberley Johnson tweeted.

However, social media users who are more critical of lockdown measures are praised for the efforts of Clapton and Morrison.

“I just learned that in addition to his new single with Eric Clapton, Van Morrison has released three other anti-lockdown tracks this year. From the man! “ podcaster Michael Knowles tweeted.

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