George Clooney comments on Tenet’s theatrical release

George Clooney Midnight Sun

George Clooney comes to our house with the release of his Netflix movie, THE MIDNIGHT SKY. Clooney has been out to promote the new film, and since it’s one of many who chose a streaming release rather than theatrical, the actor weighed in on another high-profile release that dared to open in cinemas during the pandemic.

Clooney sat down with “The Hollywood Reporter” to discuss THE MIDNIGHT SKY and the topic of getting people back to movies came up. The actor acknowledged that convincing audiences to go back to the cinema was a bit “tricky” as we are in the aftermath of a rising pandemic and he used Christopher Nolan’s release of TENET to make his point. :

“Good timing I had with Netflix, huh? I mean, it’s funny. Tenet and we are like the only two big movies coming out this year … I haven’t seen it yet. [Tenet] one of both. Trying to force people to go to a movie theater is very difficult when you are in the middle of it [an emergency]. “

That might sound like he’s casting some shadow to Nolan’s and Warner Bros. ‘push for the release of TENET in theaters, despite the fact that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Known for being a bit sarcastic, Clooney doesn’t shy away from joking, but part of me thinks there was a touch of realism in his commentary. The TENET experiment didn’t quite work for Warner Bros. on the domestic front and the film’s box office return could indicate that it just wasn’t the right time to release such an event movie to get butts back on the seats in movie theaters. . TENET thrived overseas a bit, but many overseas markets had the virus curve long before we were, and now we are facing another big wave that has only brought the industry to a halt again. The timing of Clooney involved in a Netflix movie seems absolutely perfect as this is the ideal way to release movies as we are faced with the uncertainty of what will continue the theatrical experience.

IN THE MIDNIGHT SKYClooney stars in a post-apocalyptic tale that follows him as a lone scientist in the Arctic. His mission is to prevent Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning to a mysterious global catastrophe. The film also stars Sophie Rundle, Kyle Chandler, Ethan Peck, David Oyelowo, Demian Bichir and Tim Russ.

Do you agree with Clooney’s TENET comments?

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