Kanye West calls Drake on Twitter

Kanye West picked up Twitter to call Drake and asked for a personal meeting, so that the Toronto resident could give apologies & # 39 ;. Kanye initially shared a screenshot of a text message in which Drake asked for the approval of the single "Say What & # 39; s Real, 2009", which samples Yeezy & # 39; s "Say You Will" beats.

He then tweeted that Drake owed him an apology because he killed him on plates with Travis and pointed out the No Stylist & # 39; from the French Montana, who rapping Drake raps: "Yes, keep it in G, I said her & # 39; do not wear 350 "s around me. & # 39; He calls on Drake to send purple emoji to him, emphasizing that he has not told Pusha T about the son of Drake and bought the first two rows at a Pusha concert. Later in the tirade Kanye claims that Drake called him. Drake later on Instagram to respond to Kanye's tweets. Read their tweets and messages below.

In November, the Pusha T concert in Toronto was demolished when audience members tried to jump on stage.

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