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Last week on Big Brother 20 we watched how back then – Head of Household Faysal made one of the worst moves of the season by targeting his ally Scottie and sending it home. And what we all thought would happen the week after, is well underway.

The episode of Sunday evening was picked up during the new HOH competition. Faysal tells us through the Diary Room that his reign was a success and that he has just made a great move to get Scottie out. He also thinks that he is as tall as Haleigh, Angela or Tyler wins this match.

To win this HOH comp, the players must find tokens that are hidden in balls in different ball pits. Every token earns a ball, they have to roll down a platform and strive for the perfect score range at the end. Along the way are lower scores where the balls can fall. The player can lock their score or try within an hour as many other times as they want.

One by one the HG flopped and eventually Angela throws a 39 and sets her score. Only two scores can beat her: a perfect or a 40. And ultimately nobody can beat Angela and she is the new Head of Household. That is the first repeat HOH of the season.

Haleigh has mixed feelings about Angela's victory, but Faysal is completely OK. Because Faysal is a bit compact. He really trusts in the new alliance he thinks he has made with Tyler and Angela.

And Haleigh gets even more concerned when she comes in with Angela, Brett, Tyler and Kaycee. Maybe she finally realized that they are all in an alliance. She tells Faysal what she has seen and he tells her that she can trust Angela and says she will set up Sam and a pawn. Faysal says just to calm down and trust their new alliance.

Angela is actually worried about getting more blood in her hands, but then Haleigh comes to her and volunteers to go to Sam. Angela suggests in the diary room that Haleigh might be "just as stupid as her boyfriend." Faysal, who still thinks he's a great game mastermind after sending one of his last allies, thinks he can finish Angela. Haleigh is a pawn. He does not achieve that, and he also does not know that he is probably going up too.

But to imagine that this decision was not so simple, we get a segment about Angela who questions Level 6 contributions. She is still frustrated about being the only member of the alliance that gets blood in her hands, so she tells Tyler that it might be easier to get Sam out this week, so that Faysal and Haleigh will have their next week to keep back. Tyler says he will support what she decides.

Enter JC. He shows up to remind Angela that Faysal can use the veto right on Haleigh and then there is a chance that the wrong person can go home this week. JC had very little to do with the nominations this week, but they are out to give him the real mastermind operation this season. I wanted to let everyone who does not watch the Live Feeds not buy it. JC does not play half of the game as the operations indicate.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Of course, Angela Haleigh and Faysal are nominating. And of course Faysal did not see it coming. Angela, to quote her mother, tells the new nominees: "You are a day late and a dollar too short." She says she should come to her with an offer that just raised a flag late in the game and actually sealed their fate. And Faysal finally regretted to target Scottie last week. A day too late and indeed a dollar shortage.

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