& # 39; House of Cards & # 39; Season 6-teaser reveals what happens to the character of Kevin Spacey

Robin Wright in the & # 39; House of Cards & # 39; from Netflix.

Kevin Spacey's presidential character in House Of Cards, Netflix drama, has been murdered.

The 59-year-old Oscar winner was fired from the series last year after several allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against him, and his TV wife, Robin Wright, took a step to the final season of the show, in which Spacey played plans US President Frank Underwood.

At the end of the last season of the drama, his wife Claire, played by Wright, became the president after her husband was forced to resign after being engaged in a murder investigation and in a new teaser for the next sixth season. appears The character of Spacey is dead – in the promo Claire is seen standing with her against the grave of her husband.

"I'll tell you this, Francis, if they bury me, it will not be in my backyard," Wright's character says. & # 39; And if they express their respect, they must wait in line. & # 39;

The accusations against Spacey came forward during the filming of the sixth season of House of Cards and the show was temporarily suspended when producers and network bosses decided to do something with the scandal.

Wright revealed earlier that the series was almost canceled, but she insisted on continuing, so that the cast, crew and writers could round off the series – and everyone could keep their job.

"I believed we had to finish," she told Net-A-Porter magazine. "I believed that we had to fulfill our commitment, for the people who loved the show. & # 39;

"They (media) expressed that it's only 600 people without work, but if you take security, police, shoot on location in Baltimore, 2,500 people would not have had a job, & # 39; "And that's not fair – to take that safety away from those people … They did nothing (wrong)."

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