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6 great moments from the crossvers promotion with the Arrow-fresh

If you have ever imagined it Arrow– noise can be rather confusing, the upcoming crossover of Elseworlds will distort the expectations of the fans. The first official all-inclusive trailer has recently become unavailable Super girl episode, and it is full of fun moments that will certainly inspire speculations and celebrations. Let's go to the most awesome moments of the trailer, as if the lightning dagger from Cicada followed us.

Doctor Deegan finds a book

What could be more mysterious than a gigantic, dusty book discovered behind a stone wall? When Jeremy Davies & cross-raider is Doctor Deegan who discovers the book. Fans were already aware that Doctor Deegan is the one who distorts the lives of the characters and it seems that this book is probably the stand-in of the TV series for the comic book device the Materioptikon. (Seriously, I could see a full season of Davies alone as this character.)

In the comic strips, the Doctor Destiny of John Dee – who presumably is the inspiration for Deegan – uses the Materioptikon to get the creative reality out of people's dreams. It seems like the characters are experiencing nightmares, although Oliver-as-Barry uncomfortably has to cheer it up with Iris. But how does it all come together?

The monitor is behind it, apparently

Since the casting was announced, LaMonica Garrett's almighty alien The Monitor is a complete mystery that goes beyond its standard appearance. Thanks to the trailer, we now know that The Monitor is apparently responsible for giving Doctor Deegan the power to ratify the Earth-1 reality, and it is easy to suspect that the citizens of Earth-1 are not the only victims here .

The Monitor says that he is Deegan & god worship & # 39; has offered and then says: & # 39; show them what a real god can do & # 39 ;. So what is Monitor until here? Does he do the same as his comic book entity did by rounding villains (and heroes) as a way to face up to his archenemy, The Anti-Monitor? Or will this be a shredded version of those events, with the vigilant character of LaMonica Garrett serving a more harmful purpose, specifically for the Arrow-fresh? Does Monitor doughan return the same book he had already found?

Jay Garrick's Big Reveal

It was not entirely clear why Jay Garrick returned from Earth-3 to Earth-1, behind the ubiquitous excellence of TV's original Scarlet Speedster John Wesley Shipp. But during the trailer it was apparently made clear that the homeworld of Jay had already experienced his own attack of identity change chaos.

You can assume that it was The Monitor who was responsible for causing damage on Jay's Earth-3, but did he specifically bring Jay, Barry and Kara together for whatever reason? Or does the arrival of the speedster of John Wesley Shipp become an unforeseen problem for the mysterious alien? And does this mean that we will see other heroes from other earths? I mean, next to Supergirl and her famous cousin, of course.

Two Supermen!

Speaking of supercousins, the trailer "Elseworlds" offers fans a double dose of the Man of Steel, although it does not immediately seem like the two versions will work together in respectful peace. Fans already knew that the black-suited Superman would appear in the cross-over, but unfortunately without the long hair that had one of the strip versions. In any case, we had not seen much of the traditional red and blue Supes.

Fortunately, it seems that the other super-savior of Earth-38 is indeed nearby during the cross-over, although it is still not clear in what capacity. It is assumed that the famous hero is the one who returns to the family farm in Kent and introduces Lois Lane to the public, but technically we still do not know anything about it. No matter what happens, I am naive in the hope that a Superman versus Superman brawl will take over the whole of one episode.

That Batarang

It can take forever before we ever get a legitimate Batman TV series with Gotham the Dark Knight introduction must save for the series final. But Ruby Rose enters the fight as Batwoman, who hopefully will be a wonderful replacement. We still see not only seconds of Batwoman in costume, and Kate Kane's nothing in her street clothes. But, how about that Batarang, huh?

A non-functioning Bat signal also got a short moment in the trailer and I am completely busy with seeing the ArrowYarns use as many elements as possible from the Bat mythos. If it is only the Batarang, it is cool too. However, it would be very cute to see Wayne Manor, a Batmobile or whatever, and other famous weapons from the Bat Arsenal. And if Kate has a butler named Alfred …

It's Killer Frost, or is it?

Those who missed The flash episode "The Icicle Cometh" probably did not see anything when Caitlin "Killer Frost" Snow appeared here. However, that episode revealed that Caitlin is not a meta and that Killer Frost was born by a semi-failed experiment. Also her father Thomas Snow was in cahoots with Harrison Wells, Victor "Mr. Freeze" Frisian and Louise Lincoln. The latter is another alter ego of Killer Frost, making her name-drop all the more interesting.

We also know that Nora Fries, Mr. Freeze itself is in the crossover, although we do not know the capacity, or from which the Earth will be expelled. Could she die, like the go-to plot device for the character? Will doctor Deegan be able to exchange the identity of Caitlin and Killer Frost from that body, possibly to save Nora's life? Or do we see a bizarre personality complex where someone temporarily has a new coexistence with the icy villain?

You can view the complete trailer of "Elseworlds" below.

There is not much time left to wait, happy. The Arrow– fresh "Elseworlds" crossover starts at The CW on Sunday, December 9th with a special-night-episode of The flash. Arrow will air during his normal slot on Monday, while Super girl flips to the lock of Tuesday night to close the cross-over. Wait while waiting to see how it all ends, especially to keep up to date with our schedule for autumn television and our mid-season premiere schedule.

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