"AGT & # 39; -singer Michael Ketterer is in tears during the season finale with a message of love

America & # 39; s Got Talent hopeful Michael Ketterer was one of the most inspiring participants in recent history and during the first night of the season finale of season 13 he received a special message from those whose lives he has influenced.

In a pre-pasted segment before he came out to compete, Ketterer was led into a darkened room with a video projected against the wall. After he sat down and press play, he was treated to a video montage of messages from friends, family and others who love him.

Ketterer works as a pediatric nurse specializing in youth health care, and some parents of the children he helped thanked him for saving their children and changing their lives.

From a couple who supported Ketterer for emotional support when she lost their daughter a few years ago to a man who was inspired to want to become a father by a supporting letter that the singer wrote to him in the hospital, the moving montage contained dozens of tears .

Ketterer – who is the biological father of a teenage daughter and the adoptive father of five young sons – was already confused by messages from old friends and former patients. However, when his children shared their own words of support, he could not stop the waterworks.

& # 39; You're just the best father and I love you so much, & # 39; said Ketterer's adoring sons sweetly, while an overwhelmed Ketterer wiped the tears from his eyes.

Ketterer came on stage after the pre-pasted introduction and released an emotional, raw rendition of the classic hit "Is not No Mountain High Enough," and while his nerves about the fact that he was in the final were somewhat clear, he drew a powerhouse performance that earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

The soulful song made a particularly strong agreement with Judge Simon Cowell, who gave Ketterer the Golden Buzzer during the audition. The often bitter British judge noticed that he almost suffocated again and struggled to find the right words when giving feedback.

I would like to give your family the million dollar because you are just a great guy, & # 39; said Cowell, who first stuttered in what seemed to be an effort to prevent him from crying. & # 39; There have been so many people about you, you were nervous [tonight]but that's what makes you human … you're a great, great person, Michael. "

For more about Ketterer & # 39; s amazing AGT journey – including the heartfelt performance that Cowell broke during the semi-finals, watch the video below.

Tune in on Wednesday to see if Ketterer takes the wind of the season America & # 39; s Got Talent final results show starts at 17:00. ET / PT on NBC.

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