Cast Oscar Isaac as Any Character Ever

Oscar Isaac visits SiriusXM Studios on February 21, 2018 in New York City, probably considering his next 10 roles.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Oscar Isaac is a busy man. Not only is he perhaps the largest franchise in the known universeStar Wars– Has taken other roles left and right in recent years while his star rises. While a recent rumor, he is on his way to The batter then I wondered where else we could fan-cast him.

The internet explodes today, not only with the idea that Isaac might end up in a DCEU film, some even go so far as to introduce him to Bruce Wayne himself. And seen how The Batman & # 39; s so far, you never know.

Although, if we are talking about the DCEU, I would prefer that he play a different role that he has been driven to by fans of DC Comics for a couple of years now. Scott Free, also known as Mister Miracle. I mean, come on … you just throw money away if you do not throw it as the classic character of New Gods, Warner Bros.

Apart from the DCEU, more than a few people say that the actor Gomez Adams should play in a new live action Addams Family project. He actually decided to go for that role, but then for animation.

But with so many films on the road, I think we have Isaac & # 39; s proverbial dance card must fill even more and add some great roles to his imdb page. I will go first.

While he was finished oh-so-wrong through the prostheses / VFX X-Men: ApocalypseI would like Oscar to play Isaac Lion-O in a live action Thunder cats movie. I would also like to see him take over the role of Gurney Halleck in Denis Villeneuve & # 39; s Dune.

Now it's your turn.

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