Cheryl speaks about love, happiness and marriage after Liam Payne has gone

Cheryl has spoken about love, happiness and marriage for the first time since her divorce from friend Liam Payne.

Fresh from her own heartbreak, the mother-of-one has reached one of her fans in a moving message.

Chezza put aside her own grief after Michelle Willingworth got married during the week. She sent the singer a private message with a wedding photo to which the pop star replied that she wished her luck on the special day.

"Oh my god, congratulations to you both, beautiful girl, I hope you had a magical day full of love and happiness, you look fantastic, I can not believe that you are now a woman.

"I hope you have had a great honeymoon.

"I wish you both happy memories in your future together as husband and wife," Cheryl said.

This comes after Liam Payne opened a few months after the news broke the world.

He said he is still vulnerable and it has been a tough summer for him.

On the Cat Shoob of Big Top 40 he said: "I feel good, sometimes I am a bit fragile." No, I know, it has been good, of course there are many things I still have to find out with my life, but …

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Cheryl & Liam Payne

"I mean, that part is difficult and you're as good as tryna, you break out and it's clear that we've taken it apart and then it was a few days or a few weeks before we really wanted to write the announcement and that's the bit when it really goes home I think. "

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