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Xanadu, Edmonton Fringe Festival


Xanadu: the musical

5 stars out of 5

Stage 25, Strathcona High School

A flashy musical frolic from start to finish, this disco-dancing performance from the 80s achieved heavenly proportions long before the extravagant roller skating finale.

The critically acclaimed musical premiere on Broadway in 2007, loosely based on the 1980 film of the same name [19659007] In this combined production of Scona Alumni Theater Co. and Uniform Theater, director and choreographer Linette J Smith takes innovative risks during the staging of the 90-minute comedy in a different stratosphere.

The most eye-catching is disappearing the uncomfortable bleaker of the past Franjes replaced by rows of chairs arranged on both sides of the stage with the actors performing the stellar choreography impeccably under all angles, without seat neglected.

The plot revolves around the Greek muse Clio (Arden Phillips), a daughter of Zeus, who descends to Los Angeles in the 1980s to inspire a struggling street artist, Sonny Malone (Brian Christensen). Clio disguises herself as Kira, a roller skating Australian so of course she can not be recognized.

Jealous muse sisters plot in the way of Clio reaching the gift of Xanadu – appropriately explained in full song and dance – while she begins to fall in love with the mortal.

The perfect cast of young actors is led by a tour the force-performance of Phillips, which changes from singing, tapping and speaking in an Australian accent while skating the whole show. 19659007] With popular toe-tapping songs from the film, the gift from Xanadu is sure to have audiences laugh belly in their seats and dance their way out of the theater.

-Dustin Cook

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