Infinity War's Titan battle a 16-bit game and it's great

Avengers: Infinity War is a visual spectacle and a technical wonder that really captures the fantastic world of comic books on the big screen. Not so long ago this kind of realism was not feasible on this scale, so you did not see these kind of superheroes on the big screen. But outside of comics you could see superheroes working together in video games from the 80s & 80s. In that spirit someone has reinvented the Titan fight of Infinity War into a 16-bit game and stripped of all the attributes of live-action and modern CGI, it's still great. Look at it below:

As a 16-bit game of a modern blockbuster movie, you can not get around it, this fight is amazing. If you watch this video, you just want to dust up an old video game system to play and play again Avengers: Infinity War . The only question is which one has to be done first. This 16-bit creation from Mr. Sunday Movies is amazing in how it succeeds to be a faithful repetition of that incredible battle of Infinity War (the comparison in the second half shows how accurate it is) while also being completely credible as a 16 bit game you may have played on Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo.

It's nice to think how many gamers in the 90s would have played on such a scene in a game, just as we have now geeked about this climactic battle in the film. I especially love the parts where they all hold Thanos to take off the glove and when Doctor Strange multiplies himself. The graphics and speech bubbles are all great and we even get Star-Lord to show a bird the Mad Titan.

I think the thing that really sells this 16-bit version of the fight on Titan is the audio. The music and sound effects are perfect for that era of gaming and this type of games. The grunts, the explosions, the repetitive music, everything makes this video both accurate and serves to boost its nostalgia quotient. I can imagine that I play with this game together with some friends and that I repeatedly hit the controller in each other while I scream "This game is cheating!" on our inability to defeat Thanos. We would then blame everyone who played the clown as Quill who ruined it for everyone and took a mental note to stop inviting that child.

You can relive this battle at home in old-fashioned 480p or in 4K Ultra HD and HDR because Avengers: Infinity War is now on home video. Keep an eye on our guide for everything that's going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and for all the latest news about which cheat code Doctor Strange Thanos has to beat, stay up to date with CinemaBlend.

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