& Luke Cage & # 39; Star Mike Colter Under Fire About Ariana Grande Comment

Marvel & # 39; s Defenders are known for their heroic acts, but the star behind them Luke Cage is under attack because of his troubling remarks about touching Ariana Grande while attending the funeral of Aretha Franklin.

Mike Colter posted a message to fans on September 1 on Grande. For those who were unaware, the famous singer attended the funeral of Aretha Franklin this weekend to perform one of the songs of the legend. It was there. Bishop Charles H. Ellis III made a "Taco Bell" -grap about Grande's name which, according to fans, was racist before he put the singer on his side. The interview on TV saw Ellis grope the side of Grande's chest and it quickly became viral on social media when fans rejected the gruesome moment.

Colter decided to share his opinion on the debacle, but it was definitely in bad taste. The actor wrote in a tweet now removed: "Now THIS is how you shoot in your photo! Zero FCKS !!" when retweeting images of the incident. Fans quickly criticized Colter for his insensitivity and the actor removed the message from his account after an intermezzo.

Now Colter responds to the reaction and says that the sarcasm of his tweet is completely misunderstood.

"Hi everyone, I apologize for my tweet before, and in no way do I condone such behavior, it was meant to point out the absurdity of the act itself." Complete and biting sarcasm, "Colter explained.

"I quickly realized that it was not considered as such, I was at an event all day, I'm sorry about the delay."

The actor is not the only one who apologized for the incident, while Ellis also apologized. The preacher admitted that he might have crossed a border with his friendly grasp of Grande, but it was never his intention to touch the star.

"It would never be my intention to touch a woman's chest," Ellis said in a statement. (via Variety)

I do not know, I think I put my arm around her, & # 39; said Ellis. "Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar, but again, my apologies."

So far neither Grande nor her camp have responded to the controversy. Marvel Entertainment has also been silent about Colter's controversial tweet.

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