Marilyn Manson plunges on stage during Houston show

He told the crowd that he was suffering from "heat poisoning"

Marilyn Manson was forced to shorten his concert in Houston on Saturday night, after the shock-rock pioneer collapsed during an early part of the show.

While he is a cover of the Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This & # 39; of The Eurythmics, you saw that Manson fell and ended up on one of the stage monitors.

Although the singer has not yet addressed the incident directly, he reportedly told the crowd that he had recently experienced "heat poisoning".

He was accompanied by co-headliner Rob Zombie, who also referred to Manson's disease after confirming that the pair would not join forces with a nightly cover of Helter Skelter & # 39; from The Beatles.

"My dear friend Mr. Manson feels himself under the weather, he probably feels like a bastard on the bus, I need a partner for the next song, so let's sing it very loud and give him a better feeling", Zombie told the crowd.

Photographers at the show were also told to leave the pit for Manson's entry, because he did not want his picture taken while he felt sick.

The & # 39; Twins of Evil: The Second Come & # 39; tour continues tonight with a stop in Denver.

Manson's latest on-stage drama comes after a dramatic incident in 2017 that crushed him after he accidentally knocked down a big stage prop.

The incident meant that he had to have a plate and 10 screws in his fibula and another screw in his ankle bone.

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