Rodrigo Alves & # 39; Celebrity Big Brother output revealed as enraged viewers hit bosses for hiding secret diary room chat

Celebrity Big Brother has broadcast the controversial exit of Rodrigo Alves – but there are more questions than answers left.

The Human Ken doll was removed from reality TV from Channel 5 after the rules were broken for a second time.

The addict of plastic surgery was given a first and last warning on launch night after using the N-word twice in a conversation with his housemates.

There was another incident after the Natalie Nunn exit that led to his departure, but viewers only saw that Rodrigo was being called to the diary room.

The secret chat with Big Brother was not broadcast, so fans remained in the dark about why Rodrigo had to leave.

The real reason why Rodrigo left the CBB house has still not been revealed

Rodrigo's exit was shrouded in mystery

Rodrigo Alves, brother of Celebrity Big Brother, was kicked out of the KICKED house after he had once again broken the rules

His roommates were astonished when Big Brother revealed about the speakers that Rodrigo had left the house and would not return.

Big Brother told all roommates to gather at the dining table before revealing the shocking news.

"I actually thought that would happen," said Gabby Allen, perhaps a clue that she was witnessing an earlier event that led to Rodrigo's departure.

They were then asked to collect a suitcase and to pack Rodrigo's belongings.

Rodrigo & # 39; s time in the CBB house was filled with controversy

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Earlier today, Channel 5 bosses revealed that they had taken him out of the house after the first reports claimed that he had run away from himself.

A spokesperson for the show told Mirror Online: "After another incident, Rodrigo has been removed from the Big Brother house and will not return."

Rodrigo finally broke his silence and insisted he chose to leave the show because of the fear of his public image.

He said in an Instagram statement: "It was a great experience while I thanked the # cbb house for love and support." After leaving @realmissnatalienunn Natalie, I started thinking about how I was seen by the public after making of a language error while DRUNK I am very sorry that I have let the viewers down and my fans now I just need some ice and rest and life goes through ….

Why did he leave?

With his way out of mystery, angry CBB viewers went on Twitter to vent their anger.

One viewer said: "Arggghhhh @bbuk, why do not you show us, I'm so frustrated that you would not believe it"

Another addition: "How will they NOT show how and why Rodrigo left?"

A third said: "So what is the real reason that Rodrigo left then? Because I have heard countless stories"

Rodrigo used the n-word on the opening night

The short time that the Brazilian-born star spent a short time in the Big Brother house was controversial.

Viewers were so indignant about his comments that the sending of Ofcom watchdog received more than 1,000 complaints.

After he was called into the diary room, the 34-year-old was warned that if he would again violate the rules, he would be kicked out of the house.

Rodrigo tried to touch Ben's penis

In another shocking incident, Rodrigo seemed to try to grab Ben Jardine's penis in one X-Rated scene.

Rodrigo walked over to Ben as he bobbed in the bathtub and stroked his arm before making some very obnoxious remarks.

He caused an offense when he asked his roommate to show him his "despair" while he bathed in the bath.

* Celebrity Big Brother will be broadcast tonight on Channel 5 at 22:00

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