WWE Summer Slam: Becky Lynch numbs fans while turning Charlotte on Celebrity News Showbizz and TV

WWE star Becky Lynch burst into a fit of anger shortly after taking part in a triple threat match with Carmella and Charlotte Flair as part of the Smack Down Women & # 39; s Championship.

The Irish native was defeated by her ex-girlfriend Charlotte, who was a seven-time champion, but she did not take it easy to lose.

While Charlotte was celebrated by proudly holding up her flashy championship belt, she was shown a fierce Becky who beamed her eyes steady for landing a successful punch.

The move caused a huge response from fans, many of whom went to Twitter to comment on the unexpected performance.

One person wrote: "Yes, I cheered so hard when Becky Lynch fell wildly on Charlotte."

In addition to a collage of photos from the competition, another tweeted: "Beautiful pictures from Becky Lynch give Charlotte what she deserves, that title will soon be from Becky Lynch. & # 39;

A third said: "Yes, I was racing for Becky Lynch," while a fourth shouted: "Yes, Becky Lynch gets wild!"

Two other acclaimed Becky performances: "Let's go – I screamed so loudly that it's about time" and "F *** yes, go Becky, that's my champion".

The clip that WWE shared with Becky who eliminated Charlotte was valued more than 3,300 times in just 10 minutes.

Hours before the championship, Becky fans promised to take home the title and thanked them for their support.

In a moving Instagram post she wrote: "The support I received from your great fans has been humiliating."

She continued: "I will make you all proud and step out of Summer Slam as a double Smack Down ladies champion."

Becky became Smack Down Women & # 39; s Champion at Backlash in September 2016; she was also in fourth place in the top 50 women's contests that year.

Last year, Becky revealed that she had "something removed" from her body and injury, but she did not reveal any details.

Speaking to Talk Sports when she said: "I had to go to First Aid, but it's all good, I got better within a few days.

"I wanted to go on the road again, because they shut me out a bit longer."

She continued: "I wanted to go back in as soon as possible."

The 31-year-old is one of four horse women who is credited with revolutionary women's wrestling in WWE.

WWE was established in 1952 as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt; it now hosts more than 500 events per year.

The wrestling matches are not legitimate matches but scripted, entertainment-based and choreographed contests.

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