ASS can increase the risk of depression

London, 2 September (IANS) People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) – especially without an intellectual disability – may have a higher risk of depression in their young adulthood, suggests a new study led by a researcher from India.

ASD is a developmental disorder with problems in mutual social interaction and limited and repetitive behavior and interests.

According to researchers, including Dheeraj Rai of the University of Bristol in Great Britain, mental health problems, including depression, are considered common in people with ASD.

Understanding depression in people with ASD is important because it can further reduce social function. The identification and treatment of depression in people with ASD can help improve their quality of life, according to the researchers.

For the study, the research team involved 223,842 people from Sweden to investigate whether people with ASD have a diagnosis of depression in adulthood than the general population and their non-autistic brothers and sisters.

The research team also investigated whether these risks differ due to the presence or absence of an intellectual disability.

The findings, published in the journal JAMA Network Open, showed that 4,073 had the diagnosis of ASD and 219,769 did not.

The study also showed that depression was more common in people with ASD without intellectual disability (24.1 percent) than in people with ASD with intellectual disability (9.1 percent).

It seems that this association is probably not explained by shared family liability. Future research to identify modifiable pathways between ASD and depression can help in the development of preventive interventions, according to the researchers.


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