Ex Leper Colony in Greece Hit by Robbers

Greek authorities have reported that an ex-leper colony on a small island has been the target of a robbery.

Heavy tools were used to enter the protected perimeter of an archaeological site on the uninhabited island of Spinalonga. Money obtained from tickets sold to tourists is missing.

The site itself did not cause any damage because it seemed like the thieves were only interested in the money and they left as soon as they had it in hand, without taking anything else. According to some sources, the sum varied to almost 50,000 euros, but it was not officially confirmed.

Greece is ranked as the 39th most safe country in the world, but there are some dangers waiting in the dark for those unfamiliar with the country.

Taxi drivers are regarded as petty criminals by most Greeks. In most cases they may try to charge you more than what it is worth. This is usually nothing more than an annoyance, but in some cases they may try to do more than is reasonable. A quick call to the police or asking the porter of the hotel will cause them to flee as quickly as possible.

The biggest problems in Greece are pickpockets and gang members who commit robberies on the island. They try to steal everything they can, usually in places where there are many activities. The metro, markets and popular tourist locations are also a favorite choice for many pickpockets for a quick buck. If you rent an apartment for a short ride, make sure it is in a safe and secure area, as these can also be targets, because you can easily invade if the door is not sturdy enough.

More than 40,000 tourists visited Spinaloga last year. The remote island was used for centuries as a leper colony until the disease was exterminated in Greece in 1950.

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