Game for the Portfolio Diet?

Every now and then a new diet comes on the market with the promise of weight loss. Weight loss, however, is not everything. Here is a diet that has shown that it lowers cholesterol and therefore reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. We asked experts for their opinion on the Portfolio Diet …

The Portfolio Diet

Researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada, stated that in addition to reducing LDL (or bad) cholesterol by about 30 percent in combination with a low-saturated fat diet, the Portfolio diet limits other factors for an estimated 13 percent reduction in the overall risk of coronary heart disease, including angina and a heart attack.

This plant-based way of eating would reduce the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including blood pressure, triglycerides and inflammation. The diet has four main components and is based on a diet of 2,000 calories:

  • 45 grams nuts
  • 50 grams of vegetable protein such as soy, or legumes such as beans and peas
  • 20 grams of viscous soluble fiber of oats, eggplant, apples, etc.
  • 2 grams of plant sterols (natural compounds with cholesterol-lowering properties that occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains).

Associate professor, John Sievenpiper, said: "We have known that the Portfolio Diet lowers LDL cholesterol, but we did not have a clear picture of what else it could do." This study provides greater clarity and certainty about the effects of the diet and the health potential. "

Experts speak

The portfolio diet contains foods or ingredients known to have a cholesterol-lowering effect and comparable to the effect of statin – the cholesterol-lowering drug. Dr. Deepti Bagree, head of department, Healthcare, RESET: Holistic Living Concepts, says it is important to keep the use of saturated fats to a minimum and to add daily some form of physical activity to maximize the results of the portfolio diet. The components of the portfolio diet such as fiber and the others help to lower cholesterol, but there are many such superfoods that need to be added to make food more balanced, nutritious and more sustainable.

Cholesterol problems

Cholesterol levels vary according to age, weight and gender. Over time, a person's body tends to produce more cholesterol, which means that all adults should regularly check their cholesterol levels, ideally every four to six years, Dr. Narayan Gadkar, cardiologist consultant, Zen Multi Specialty Hospital. He adds: "Typically, men tend to have a higher cholesterol level throughout their lives than women, and a person's cholesterol level generally increases as they age, but women are not immune to high cholesterol. a woman's cholesterol level often increases when she goes through the menopause. "

Would she recommend it?

"This is a healthy diet and does not contain non-vegetarian foods, so recommending everyone is a challenge, but everyone should include part of the portfolio diet in their routine diet plan," says Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora, senior cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute. People should have more fruits, vegetables, nuts, especially almonds, tofu, oatmeal breakfast, etc. People who can not tolerate statins (cholesterol lowering agent) or who have high cholesterol levels despite taking the optimal dose of statins, need this kind of nutrition plan.

Dr. Bagree says that there is no specific diet for each individual. She says: "Each individual has a unique genetic and biochemical make-up, so giving the same diet will not serve the purpose." Foods that are known to help improve health and blood parameters can be added along with other superfoods that are adapted to the health goals of a person.You should look at general adaptations of the lifestyle, such as healthy eating, checking the total oil consumption, keeping saturated fats to the minimum, moderate activity levels, adequate sleep, stress management through yoga and meditation are great ways to stay healthy. "

Check lipid profile [19659003] You can check his / her lipid profile before and after three months after the approval of the Portfolio Diet to see the efficacy. Majority of cholesterol in the blood is contributed by the internal synthesis of the body. So despite this diet plan, some people with excessive internal cholesterol synthesis can still have high cholesterol levels in the blood. In these cases, drug-like statin is necessary to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, Dr. Dora.

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