Run for the Cure Sunday saw outpouring support

Over a hundred people gathered Saturday morning at the new pavilion in the Lheidli T & # 39; enneh Memorial Park to run Run for the Cure.

The event sponsored by CIBC increases the awareness and funds for breast cancer research to find a cure.

Several people spoke at the event, including Shirley Bond, Mayor Lyn Hall, Chantal Craig, general manager for Pine Center's CIBC plant, Margaret Jones-Bricker for the Canadian Cancer Society and cancer survivor Viva Swanson.

Each speaker offered words of welcome and encouragement and a call for the need to find a cure.

"Today, it's all about caring for each other," Shirley Bond said. "We know that we can make a difference by walking, donating and especially by supporting the people in our communities."

Bond said that hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer can be quite heavy and not only for the person, but also for their family and friends.

"We are here to celebrate survivors and let you know that we are with you and that we care," Bond said.

The reality for the attendees during a beautiful sunny autumn day was Jones-Bricker.

"Every day, 73 Canadians hear the words" you have breast cancer & # 39 ;, "Jones-Bricker said.

That has to change, she added.

"With your help, we can raise funds every year to support vital research and support services for those Canadians diagnosed with breast cancer and we thank you, thank you so much for making it possible," Jones-Bricker said.

The last speaker was cancer survivor Viva Swanson who shared her cancer trip with the crowd.

"I had cancer for six days," Swanson said. "I was diagnosed on 10 April 2015 and I had my lumpectomy on April 16. They removed the mass, removed the contaminated lymph nodes and all my treatments afterwards – 24 weeks of chemotherapy, 4 weeks of radiation – had to make sure it never comes back, the reason it never comes back is because we have committed ourselves to the matter. "We have committed to ensuring that there is a cure."

Swanson went on to say that the progress in the protocol of the disease has seen such progress that even from a decade ago the experience of having breast cancer is now so different than before. Nowadays, there is equipment that is tuned to early diagnosis, procedures and medicines to free the body of the cancer and advanced technology used throughout the process.

"So we hit it every day," Swanson said. "I'm happy to be here to share this day with you and try something I've never done before."

Swanson runs the 5 kilometer Run for the Cure for the very first time.

Before they started the flight, she made one last request to the crowd to hear her every word.

"I would really appreciate it if you would accompany me to share this moment," Swanson said. "Today we run to our sisters, our mothers, daughters and the daughters of our daughters.We run for our friends, the men in our lives and for ourselves.We run to defeat breast cancer, I ask you all for a promise to add – if you would repeat me – today we run to defeat breast cancer. "

It changed into a mantra on Sunday morning, repeated several times because so many people were overwhelmed with emotion, listening to this inspiring woman, that not many voices could be resurrected by their tears.

When it was repeated, the voices became stronger.

Today we run to defeat breast cancer. Today we run to defeat breast cancer. Today we run to defeat breast cancer.

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