This man carries out two marathons daily for Alzheimer's victims

David Merpaw is the man who runs daily to raise $ 5,000 for the people living with Alzheimer's disease. He struggles to hit the target of 1800 km, starting from the city of Hamilton. This means that his daily life consists of two marathons per day.

Even his relatives did not encounter the chronic memory loss, he could notice the "devastating" effects on his friend's father. He thinks back to the shocking episodes when the loving parent no longer recognized his children .

Did he ever stop running?

He will make some big breaks during his race, in Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. The whole journey is planned to last two weeks including the time needed to visit the cities and to have a chat with members of the Alzheimer society of each city. On Tuesday he met the staff of the Hamilton & Alzheimer Society where he was moved to tears by their stories about the cruel disease.

Alzheimer's disease affects many Canadians. Either themselves or their family, [have] a parent or love that suffers from the disease, I just wanted to give back.

The Alzheimer association of KFL & A confirms that the Canadians each year [25259009] accommodate 25,000 new cases of Alzheimer's . They expect a higher speed in 2030, with more than 10,000 sick residents of Canada.

Earlier, in 2017 he ran from Kingston to Cornwall in almost 24 hours, bringing $ 3,500 for charity. On the day of the celebration in Canada, he completed 150 km of swimming from Deep River to Ottawa. In 2015, he followed another swimming route, crossing the St. Lawrence River from Kingston to Montreal.

How does he make this incredible physical effort?

He has tips for the long-winders: ignore the coming kilometers and think only of the distance traveled to your goal. To save energy, try to slow down, lose tension, breathe through your nose for one minute and start again for 10 minutes. The positive attitude is essential, and Merpaw says he puts a smile on his face when the dark clouds come over his head.

You can also fight against Alzheimer's.

Shawn and his wife live remotely in a hut of 880 square feet together with their three dogs. They implemented many of the things they had learned from the internet and by trial and error. They have been helped by so many contributors over the years and have the desire to return the favor to other Canadian Homsteading readers. They heat with a wood stove and cut firewood by hand from their 11 hectares. They went back to the country and are essentially do-it-yourself people.

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