Former VPD detective convicted after pleading guilty to sexual exploitation, other charges

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A former detective from Vancouver, who pleaded guilty to allegations of sexual exploitation and breach of trust, has been sentenced to almost two years in prison and has to register as a sex offender.

James Fisher must also serve two years probation for kissing two young women who were witnesses in a human trafficking investigation.

The judge chose the side of the public prosecutor who was looking for a 20-month sentence.

Gordon Comer with the BC Prosecution Service says that this decision could be challenged by Fisher who hoped for no prison sentence.

"Whether that is granted is of course at the court and it is a heavy test to destroy a sentence on appeal." The defense had pleaded for a conditional condemnation in the community, and an appeal is always open to the defense. "

Comer says the 29-year veteran of the police will be at least ten years in the offender's register.

"This turned out to be a flagrant violation of trust that had a devastating impact on the victims and a serious violation of the victims and the duty of the accused as a police officer …. The judge of conviction stated that his decision was a clear message of condemnation The accused had the duty to protect girls and young women, instead Mr. Fisher sexually exploited two vulnerable victims. & # 39;

Crisis Center employee Sophia Hladik, who is also an advocate of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women & # 39; s Shelter, says that Fisher makes women who are already sexually exploited by two pimps further victim.

"They both said that they saw him as a father figure and that they really trusted him to protect and support them while they were trying to have prostitution and thus be exploited by the same man they trusted so much, profoundly. Especially if you are a young, vulnerable woman who is looking for a way to get out of a life of violence, so these two women, one of them was a 17-year-old girl, were sexually exploited by two pimps and so forged he has a relationship with them. "

When asked if she believes that Fisher regrets what he has done, Hladik says he should be approached by the criminal justice system.

"We do not argue for a particularly harsh condemnation, Jim Fisher had already suffered a lot in the court of public opinion and the fact that he was held responsible is the most important thing."

The 29-year-old member of the VPD stopped the troops shortly after he was charged in 2016.

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