iPolitics AM: Team Trudeau, Tories reflects on now packed cabinet retreat, policy conflict

With the retreat of the cabinet and the conservative convention that is now behind us and the last long weekend of the summer looming on the horizon, the Canadian political circuit has reached its final delay before moving to prepaid prep mode. of the return to regularly scheduled parliamentary affairs, which is currently set for 17 September.

According to the route from his office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will spend the day in "private meetings" in Ottawa – which, although frustratingly vague about the details, to be honest, is more information than we have on the daily activities of its counterparts, since neither the conservatives nor give the New Democrats normally such newsletters, unless their respective leaders plan to appear in public, either in the capital or in the spotlight.

We can, however, guess that Andrew Scheer will give a sigh of relief because he has gone through the three-day extended family gathering of his party in Halifax without major shocks or uprisings on the plenary floor, though iPolitics' According to Kelsey Johnson, he may come under pressure to respond to a leaked briefing from the Dairy Farmers of Canada about a controversial resolution to abolish party support to supply management.

Under the subtitle "Safety Net" is the document that the Scheer office had assured the representatives of the industry that the new policy edition would not end up in the party's campaign platform, even if it had been adopted on convention – which of course is a failure turned out to be because it could not reach a voice during the pre-plenary meeting.

Shortly after the text of the note had started to circulate on social media, the association contacted the chief of staff of Scheer to advise him that, while the document is authentic, the information about the alleged discussion with the staff of Scheer is not correct. " used to be.

Yet, in view of the grumbling of the resolution's proponents after it was removed from the agenda, it is not clear that the case can still be fully and completely closed, especially given the other major developments on the conservative political front last week: depart from Maxime Bernier, whose unrelenting opposition to supply management was one of the friction points that led him to leave the Conservative Caucus last week to set up a rival right-of-center party.

Meanwhile, after a series of mini cruises throughout the country during the summer, Jagmeet Singh has not been on the radar for more than a week, but is probably preparing to return to the spotlight as soon as he is ready to formally announce his bid to carry the orange flag in the next by-in Burnaby South.

As it stands now, there is only one federal politician who wants to make himself available to the media today: Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai, who has booked a press conference mid-morning in his constituency in Calgary to discuss what the advice describes as "a cruel attack on a South Asian senior journalist", who, avers asked, took place during an open-air music festival in Punjabi earlier this month .

According to the announcement, the "attack caused by the journalist's opinion" was about a nomination from the United Conservative Party and "was committed by supporters of one of the candidates", which, it emphasizes, "a direct attack on democracy and freedom from speech in which a media personality was attacked because of his views. "

The unnamed victim – who are recuperating "the advisory notes," will join Obhrai to "answer and answer" questions.

During the weekend congress, Obhrai spoke out – in vain, as it turned out – against a resolution to oblige a future conservative government to introduce legislation to restrict birth citizenship to those born in Canada, at least one parent who is a citizen or a citizen. permanent resident, which, as he suggested, amounted to giving the government the right to decide who is Canadian.

The resolution was finally adopted, albeit with a narrow margin.



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