Residents of North York are worried about the sex doll part

A sex doll-brothel opened in North York next month raises concerns among local residents.

Carla Amodio says that two weeks ago she saw posters for Aura Dolls Brothel in her neighborhood at Yonge and Sheppard.

"At first I thought it was a joke," said Amodio, who together with other parents tore off a number of ads for the store.

"For me, that kind of company does not belong here."

The store, which is set to open September 8, offers private rooms with hi-tech silicone dolls designed for sex. The square where it is said to be home is home to a dry cleaning and nail salon, as well as an illegal dispensation for cannabis and a hairdressing salon.

Amodio said she is planning to start a petition and has contacted her local councilor.

"We walk past there, cycle there, and there are also several elementary schools," she explained.

Amodio is not the only resident who is worried about the arrival of the new company.

"I called a lot, mostly from parents who said:" How can we explain this to our children? ", Said city council member John Fillion against CityNews.

Fillion said he is already investigating what city statutes can be enforced, including one that he introduced about 20 years ago. It restricts sex shops in North York to industrial areas.

"Our city staff has to look at the wording and see if it works," Fillion explained, although it is unclear whether the law is even in the books.

"If not, we have to think of something else."

Aura Dolls Brothel says it has been recorded, though city officials tell CityNews that they do not have a permit for the city. The city of Toronto issues licenses to companies such as adult entertainment clubs and body rubrooms, but not to prostitutes or brothels.

A spokesperson for Aura Dolls Brothel told CityNews that it does not believe the company is violating laws. They believe that their services can benefit those who suffer from social anxiety and help curb sex with human trafficking.

A statement sent to CityNews reads in part: "… As this is a new and unknown concept, it is understandable that this will raise concerns and resistance." As we move forward in the modern age of technology we should be open For the new ideas and concepts that come with it, as long as it's safe for everyone, we hope our community is prepared to adapt with this openness, since no one is hurt or negatively influenced by this service. controversial topic, but we believe that the positive features of this service outweigh the negative … "

Fillion said that even if the company is legal, the city has a jurisdiction where it is located.

"I do not want to see this anywhere – the kind of things people should do at home," he said.

"But if you look at it from a zoning plan, it should be removed in an industrial area from homes and schools where children and families hang out."

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