UPDATED: Judge freezes the Margaree Chase the Ace lottery prize until the dispute is resolved

PORT HAWKESBURY – Tears rolled across Barbara Reddick's face as she spoke to reporters after a Nova Scotia Supreme Court court issued an order that part of a disputed Chase the Ace lottery prize would be frozen until there is a final outcome in the dispute .

Judge Patrick Murray presented his oral decision Monday morning to approve the custody order in the Supreme Court of Port Hawkesbury.

Earlier this month, Murray had issued an interim order that Tyrone MacInnis of Glace Bay could not spend his share of the lottery prize. MacInnis, along with his aunt, Barbara Reddick of Guysborough, claimed the Chase the Ace jackpot in Margaree on 10 July.

The verdict came during a hearing on the freezing of MacInnis & # 39; share sought by Reddick, who claims that she is entitled to the entire price, not just half.

The dispute over splitting the $ 1.2 million Chase the Act lottery win resulted in an earlier close relationship with her cousin who was apparently irretrievably broken, Reddick told reporters.

"I have never spoken to him, it broke my heart," she said, adding by the trial of the court is worth it, "for the principle."


In her lawsuit against her nephew, Reddick claims she is the only winner of the prize, arguing that she has transferred $ 100 to 19-year-old MacInnis to buy her tickets to the popular game and that he has his name on her tickets could write for happiness.

In making his decision, Murray said it was not a judgment on the financial responsibility of MacInnis. The judge noted that MacInnis has a scholarship to go to college, live with his parents and work to pay for his other expenses. Unlike a used vehicle, it has no other assets.

"There are factors that indicate a risk of non-recovery," Murray said.

Reddick had to attend a three-part test in her application for the storage order – that there was a strong case on the scene to be heard; that irreparable damage would occur if the order was not granted due to the circumstances of MacInnis and the possibility to pay a possible judgment against him; and where is the balance of convenience. Murray said when determining whether a serious problem should be tried, it does not have to go deep into the earnings.

Tyrone MacInnis arrives Monday in a Port Hawkesbury Supreme courtroom where Judge Patrick Murray has ordered a freeze on the disputed portion of a $ 1 million Chase the Ace lottery jackpot drawn on July 10 in Margaree. MacInnis will not be able to spend any of its share of the profits until the dispute has been settled by the court. His aunt, Barbara Reddick, claims that she should be the only winner of the prize. (NANCY KING / CAPE BRETON POST)

He also discovered that MacInnis will not suffer any damage due to the fact that he has no access to the money until the claim against him has been decided.

"Unfortunately, what should have been a joyous event in their lives led them to this courtroom," Murray said.

Reddick, who retired after serving in the Canadian armed forces for 23 years as a Marine Supply Officer, claimed that there was no discussion or agreement with her cousin about splitting the profits. She also claims that MacInnis has put his phone number on the tickets at home without her instructions or permission.

The defense has argued that Reddick instructed MacInnis to put his name on the tickets and he sent her a video showing the completed tickets prior to the draw.

After the discovery of two names on the $ 1.2 million winning ticket, Margaree officials divided the prize into two checks for $ 611,319.50.

On September 17, a settlement conference is planned, during which the parties will meet the judge in rooms to see if they can reach an agreement on the profit.

"We sit down, everyone, with the judge and try to work out a scheme that makes everyone happy, but that needs to be determined how the parties deal with it," said Reddick's lawyer Adam Rodgers.

Reddick claimed that she had given MacInnis $ 150,000 of the profits. When asked if she had anything to say to her cousin, she said she was not doing it right now.

MacInnis, who is represented by Candee McCarthy, did not speak to reporters.

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