American scientists sound the alarm: in rural areas the Siberian moth

Ученые США бьют тревогу: в стране появилась сибирская моль

Why and how it appeared in the region is still unknown.

North America has detected a threat from the Siberian moth from Russia.

The first insect found a resident of Indiana James Vargo in 2010 with the help of special traps. He handed over individual specialists pygmy moths Eric van Nickerchen. At the beginning, however, he could not identify the insect species.

Van Nickerchen found the resemblance of the DNA codes of a larva that I found on the Siberian elms in Beijing's botanical garden.

After some time, New York entomologist Daniel Owen Gilrein received samples of green caterpillars that, along with the Siberian elms, entered the territory of the state.

Scientists working together, were able to find out that the samples from the state of Indiana and the caterpillar from New York belonged to one and the same species – Stigmella multispicata – moths from Primorye in Russia, which was only described in 2014 by Lithuanian researchers.

According to entomologists, although the Siberian moth is not a threat to the American elm, their spread must be controlled.

"Despite the fact that Stigmella multispicata, it seems, is not a real problem, it would be nice to follow the invasion of North America," – noted experts.

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