Blazing Fireball 40 times brighter than a full moon streak across Alabama Sky [Video]

Early in the morning on Friday, a meteor broke through the Earth's atmosphere and illuminated the sky over Alabama and Georgia.

On Friday morning, a bright meteor dropped from the sky in Alabama and disintegrated just above the small town of Grove Oak, in DeKalb County, reports the Alabama News Center .

According to Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO), the fireball was "At least 40 times brighter than the full moon" and caused quite the commotion, "triggering every camera and sensor" that MEO in the region.

The falling meteor lit up the Alabama sky and was bright enough to be seen "By partly overcast skies," Cooke notes. Several witnesses reported the "extremely bright event" that took place immediately after midnight.

The fireball was also caught on the camera, both by the space agency, which has six meteor cameras installed in the area, and by private security cameras of residents

The video above shows the bright meteor falling through the air, captured by security and doorbell cameras in Alabama and Georgia, reports the local media outlet.

The first official sighting of the flaming meteor occurred at 12:19 pm am CT as 58 miles (93 kilometers) above Turkeytown, northeast of Gadsden. From there, the fireball raged across the Alabama sky at dizzying speeds of 53,700 miles per hour (86.4 kilometers per hour), moving west of the north, the MEO report showed.

His journey ended in the sky above Grove Oak, where the meteor broke out about 29 kilometers above the city.

for now it remains unknown whether the meteor left Alabama meteorites on the ground has left behind, according to Cooke in his report. What we do know is that the space stone probably comes from a small asteroid of no more than 6 feet (2 meters) wide.

As reported by NASA released a video of the Alabama meteor, uploaded on YouTube by the media outlet.

Images of the fireball falling from the sky was posted on Facebook and Twitter by meteorologist James Spann, courtesy of four camera owners whose equipment recorded the Alabama meteor. A video, shared by Spann on Twitter several hours before the rest of the footage, was recorded at 12:22 pm CT in Kennesaw, Georgia.

News from the Alabama meteor comes after another space rock is penetrated The earth's atmosphere on July 25, explodes at the American Thule Air Base in Greenland, per a previous Inquisitr report. That specific meteor almost led to a war after detonation with 2.1 kilotons of force, because it could be mistaken for an incoming missile, the media reported at the time.

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