Fireball streaks through the air; captured in great video & # 39; s about Southeast

If you were outside in East Tennessee at night, you might have seen something fiery in the air!

Dozens of people reported that a fireball in the southeast glittered in the sky.

Lawrenceville resident Dan Kent said his Ring doorbell camera captured it at about 1:18 hours on video. In the video you can see something circular and keepers moving across the sky.

Kennesaw resident Barry Pender sent a similar video from the exact same time. He and other viewers also sent a video with something similar and they were not alone.

American Meteorological Society has a list of dozens of outstanding fireball reports from people in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama from one day to the next on its website. It is also not unusual for a meteor to get many reports when they are high in the atmosphere.

AMS Certified Meteorologist James Spann tweeted a Bill Cooke statement from the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office at Huntsville, in which he said that all six of the NASA meteor cameras in the region detected a fireball. Officials still judge the probability that the fireball produces meteorites on the ground.

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On the weekend, others have made beautiful photos of the Perseid meteor shower! Skywatchers could mainly see the show during Perseid's peak in the nights from 11 to 12 August and from 12 to 13 August.

According to the American Meteor Society, a meteor shower is a heavenly event in which meteors are observed to radiate in the night sky. A fireball is another term for a very bright meteor.

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