New app to help B.C. & # 39; s wildlife warriors

Have you seen an illegal landfill that you want to report? How about a stir with some suspicious looking molluscs? Do you think you are a good warrior?

There is an app for that.

The BC Wildlife Federation has released an updated version of the Conservation app for smartphones, which makes it even easier to report any environmental incident found while enjoying the outdoors.

The app adds a timestamp and geolocation to a photo or video of a violation, allowing "wildlife warriors" to categorize an incident and submit it to the appropriate enforcement authority. The aim is to simplify the reporting of poaching, polluting, dumping or blocking access to public land.

New functions

The update improves the information that the app provides to enforcement authorities. The app has the references and contacts you need to safely and efficiently protect wild places from damage.

  • Find the latest rules for fishing and hunting
  • Improved user interface
  • Better map details
  • Easier to use offline
  • Easy to share

Some examples of what can be reported include suspicious or illegal pumps in creeks, unauthorized water abstraction / use or reporting of a vessel entering B.C. which has not been inspected for mussels, illegal dumping of household materials, destruction of fish or shoreline habitat, illegal road construction / rail construction, unauthorized use of off-road vehicles, mud bites, dumping of contaminated waste or driving a motorized vehicle above altitude limits

Other examples are; hunting off-season, attracting bears, fishing with prohibited equipment, illegal fencing of the crownland or blocking access to a public road through a vehicle.

Support for this project was, among other things, provided by the Water Purpose Program for water conservation and quality improvement of the Okanagan Water Board and its audience reach and education program, Okanagan WaterWise.

Download the app here.

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