New details have been revealed about the plans of SpaceX to reach Mars in 6 years

Paul Wooster, a top engineer at SpaceX, told some new details about the company's plans to get the first people on their way to the Red Planet in 2024 and eventually to colonize the planet. As one of the main developers of Mars for Space X, Paul Wooster gave a short presentation about the plans during the 21stst annual international Mars Society convention that took place on December 25thth from August in Pasadena, California.

This Wednesday the Mars Society placed the conference on YouTube and we can see that many of the words used by Mr. Wooster are an echo of what Elon Musk has said earlier during various academic studies, interviews or even separate remarks. The brilliant entrepreneur has repeatedly stated that he aims to launch cargo missions to Mars from 2022 and that spacecraft with men will soon follow, in 2024.

His ultimate goals, however, are to permanently colonize the planet by building cities, thus making a back-up for our species, in case the earth is destroyed by some global cataclysm. Paul Wooster used this opportunity to talk about the specific problems facing the rocket company and the open questions that arise when the company successfully lands the first spacecraft on the Red Planet.

Scientists know that it is a terrible mistress that can cause frustration or that it is sometimes too much to treat alone. That's why Wooster has clearly stated that SpaceX needs outside help to solve what seems unsolvable at the moment. During his speech, the SpaceX top engineer said: "We at SpaceX are very focused on transport." In terms of what will be needed on Mars, this is an area where SpaceX is pretty interested in the possibilities, but also something I think that many people can really contribute beyond just SpaceX ".

Patrick Supernaw

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