Smartphones can soon help in predicting flooding: research

New York:With smartphones capable of measuring atmospheric pressure, temperatures and humidity, a new study suggested that the devices would one day be able to track and anticipate weather patterns that lead to sudden flooding.

Researchers noted that smartphones can be used to predict flooding and other natural disasters.

"The sensors in our smartphones constantly monitor our environment, including gravity, the earth's magnetic field, atmospheric pressure, light levels, humidity, temperatures, noise levels and much more," said lead researcher Colin Price, professor at the University of Tel Aviv.

"Vital atmospheric data today exists on 3 to 4 billion smartphones worldwide, which can improve our ability to accurately predict weather and other natural disasters that experience so many lives every year," he added.

In the study, published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, the team placed four smartphones under controlled conditions and analyzed the data to detect phenomena such as & # 39; atmospheric tides & # 39 ;, which are similar to ocean tides.

They also analyzed data from a UK-based app called WeatherSignal.

While the smartphones could provide real-time weather alerts via a feedback loop, the public could find atmospheric data on the "cloud" via an application.

This data would then be processed in real-time forecasts and sent back to the users with a prediction or a warning for those in hazardous areas, the researchers explained.

"We can not prevent sudden flooding from happening, but soon we will be able to use public smartphone data to generate better predictions and return these predictions to the public in real time via their phones," noted Price.


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