Dauphin is overflowing with pride for Stanley Cup-winning favorite son

He still loves perogies, he still hates mosquitoes and still calls Dauphin his place of birth.

NHL coach Barry Trotz is back in western Manitoba, where he grew up with hockey to celebrate Dauphin's Stanley Cup victory.

"The nice thing about the cup is that you share it with everyone, it's the best trophy in the sport," Trotz said Tuesday night when the city of Dauphin designated part of his former street, 5th Avenue Southeast, as Barry Trotz Way.

In June, Trotz & # 39; s Washington Capitals beat the Vegas Golden Knights to win the first Stanley Cup of the franchise.

It was also the first league championship in 19 seasons as head coach for Trotz, who will coach the New York Islanders in the upcoming NHL season.

Trotz said that he did not feel stress during the playoff run this spring and called that a first in his career.

"I believed in what we do and what we did at this point, which was probably the first year that I said we're going to try very hard, and I'm going to coach and I'm going to enjoy the playoffs, & # 39; Trotz.

"It was probably the first year that I was not focused on winning the cup, I was focused on the process of enjoying the trip and enjoying the trip."

After the victory, he said he had celebrated more than he had since he was twenty, although he did not party as fast as Captain Captain Alex Ovechkin with the Stanley Cup.

"It has such a great history, if it could only talk, we would have some of the biggest stories ever," said Trotz about the ship, which arrives in Dauphin on Wednesday morning.

"Instead of just taking a picture of it and looking at it, you can touch it and you can drink it," he said. "And then you come to a smaller group, which I want to reach at the end of the night, [Wednesday] night and just family.

"If you're that far, I think you think it's just a fire pit: you're staring at it and you realize it's something special."

Trotz, who hockeyed at the University of Manitoba before spending 15 seasons with the Nashville Predators and four with the capitals, said he expected Washington to play the Winnipeg Jets in the Stanley Cup final instead of the Vegas Golden Knights.

"They are on the verge of greatness," said Trotz about Winnipeg, adding that he does not believe that the departure of Paul Stastny during the low season will harm the Jets in 2018-19.

"Winnipeg has built a great program, they have some superstars," he said. "The culture they have with guys like Wheeler and Scheifele and Big Buff at the back, Hellebuyck will remain a very good goalkeeper for a long time.

"They have so many pieces, they will be dangerous."

In addition to the street change, the city of Dauphin is holding an afternoon procession for Trotz, who promised to link up to $ 75,000 in charitable donations he made during his stay in his hometown.

Dauphin mayor Allen Dowhan said that a cup win for the Dauphin trainer is a big deal for the city of 8,457, as well as the Junior A Dauphin Kings, the former Trotz team.

"It has been a long time ago," Dowhan said during the reappointment on the street. "It put Dauphin on the hockey card and gave everyone who went through hockey in our community a sense of pride."

NHL coach Barry Trotz, on the right, poses with his father Ernie, left, and Dauphin mayor Allen Dowhan next to a sign indicating a section of 5th Avenue Southeast as Barry Trotz Way & # 39 ;. (Bartley Kives / CBC)

With tears in his eyes, Trotz's father Ernie said he knew his son might be doing it as a player in the National Hockey League, but he did not originally see Barry's career behind the bank.

When he said he would be a better coach than a player, I thought he would be a better coach than a player, & # 39; said Ernie Trotz.

He said that the street sign will serve less than a block from home as a daily reminder of the victory of his son Stanley Cup.

"When he won, I just collapsed," said the older Trotz. He remembered how he watched the cup match on TV, just houses away. "I had tears in my eyes, me and the woman."

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