You should be very encouraged by what you saw from Adrian Peterson versus the Broncos

LANDOVER, MD – Here is my direct analysis of the loss of the preseason of the Redskins against the Broncos against the season of 29-17.

-On the first part from scrimmage Adrian Peterson took over an I-formation and went seven meters to the middle. He closed the race well, while driving a few meters extra. His second run went unprofitable, but the next time he had the ball, he showed a good outburst and won 13 yards from the left. A few times later he went for six hours from the left. At the end of the first two possessions of Redskins he had eight scholarships for 35 yards.

-Daron Payne showed strength and agility to take back Royce Freeman. He caught the runner on an off-tackle game and just threw him on the ground.

– The redskins will be happy if Peterson can do what he did on the fourth and a few chain links in the second quarter. He bounced, went from the left, took it out, made a small stop and left and rummaged for a profit of 15.

– In contrast to Peterson, Alex Smith did not start well. The first four times he retreated to pass was the resignation, incompletion, incompletion, and two-yard completion on fourth and third. The third possession of the Redskins went three incomplete and out. It was a possession of 13 seconds. He came to life in the second quarter and completed two passes to Paul Richardson who got 31 yards and, together with the fourth run of Peterson, set a field goal of 33 yard Dustin Hopkins. Smith left late in the second quarter with a row of 3 of 8 for 33 yards.

– The second possession of the Broncos showed some problems with the defense. Case Keenum completed passages totaling 40 yards to Demaryius Thomas and Courtland Sutton. Freeman finished the ride with a 24-yard run into the gut. You know, the middle of the defense that supposedly has been repaired.

– In the second quarter, the Redskins were in the first and second run everywhere, but then the Broncos immediately took to the field for a touchdown. The keys were a nice 33-yard pass from Keenum to Emmanuel Sanders and a Sanders finish around for 33 meters and the TD. The approach to the score was sloppy by a Redskins team that played a mix of starters and back-ups against attacking Broncos attackers.

-Anthony Lanier received a third-down bag in the second quarter. He did not play much this preseason. He did it against the offensive starters of the Broncos.

– With a deficit of 20-3 in the third quarter, the Redskins had a terrible three and one out. None of the three games has ever had the chance to win anything. Meanwhile, the Broncos, with Chad Kelly at quarterback, do the hot knife through the route of butter on Washington's defensive backups.

-The starters on the offense line can stay better healthy because the backup looks bad. Colt McCoy did not have time to throw in the second half.

Kevin Hogan came in for the fourth quarter and on his first ride he gave the remaining fans something to cheer. He launched a prayer that Darvin Kidsy won for 40 yards. Then he went to Kidsy for another six years before he found Simmie Cobbs in the end zone for a touchdown. It was the first touchdown of the Redskins since the second quarter of the New England race. He led a TD drive late in the game and went to Kidsy for the touchdown. It was a good performance, but Hogan needs a great performance next week to make the team.

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