2019 Dodge RAM 1500: First Hybrid US Pickup

RAM just introduced the first hybrid system to an American pickup and made it standard on the basic powertrain option.

An efficiency improvement of 10 percent in the third best selling vehicle in America should have the positive environmental impact. But what the hybrid eTorque system does not do on the 20100 RAM 1500 is to improve performance in any measurable way.

The biggest step forward of the 20100 RAM 1500 is improved fuel economy with the eTorque hybrid system. On an American vehicle with an extremely high sales volume, the effects of the hybrid will be increased.

But the car has no better 0-60 time, does not make passing maneuvers easier and will not help you get that load mulch quicker to your yard than other trucks.

Dodge Ram 1500 eTorque on top of Hemi V8

Many trucks, less fuel needed

RAM is in a solid third place in the American full-size truck market. It works hard to overtake Chevrolet and take a bite from Ford's leading lead. More than 500,000 RAM pickups were sold in the US in 2017, making it not only the third best-selling pickup, but the third most popular vehicle in the country in general.

And in 2018, the RAM truck is the second-best-selling vehicle in the United States, with more than 250,000 already sold. An improvement in fuel efficiency of 10 percent on those trucks will certainly have a positive effect on the environment.

The soft hybrid eTorque system is standard on all Pentastar V6 powered 2019 RAM 1500 trucks and is optional on the Hemi V8. The option on the V8 brings you $ 1,450 back to the dealer.

2019 RAM 1500 Limited

What is a mild hybrid system, you ask? In this application, this means that the traditional alternator on the engine has been replaced by a belt-driven engine generator. The motor generator unit is essentially an electric motor driven by a 48-volt battery pack.

The engine generator is located on the front of the V6 engine, between the radiator and the engine block. The engine generator is on top of the engine on the V8. In both cases the unit interacts with the motor via a belt drive system.

The 300-watt hour lithium-ion battery pack for the system is stored in the middle of the vehicle behind the rear seat. This keeps the battery weight low and centralized on the vehicle. The air-cooled battery pack has the dimensions of a small suitcase.

Dodge RAM 1500 eTorque on the front of Pentastar V6

The most important applications for the eTorque system are start-stop functionality, short-term coupling addition and braking energy regeneration. All these functions help improve fuel efficiency and help smooth out driving functions such as starting, stopping and shifting. All these driving events are slightly improved and more linear than on a standard gas-powered vehicle.

Drive with the eTorque RAM

Behind the wheel of a new RAM truck coming with the eTorque technology is the same as driving a new RAM truck. The eTorque system is almost imperceptible, which I think is a good thing.

2019 Dodge RAM 1500 High-quality and decorative meter in Longhorn

The system works in the background and saves your dollar bills at the pump. As noted, the EPA judges the eTorque on the V8 about 10 percent more fuel-efficient – adding about 2 mpg when driving under mixed use. As with all hybrid systems, fuel savings are more noticeable in stop-and-go urban traffic than long cruises on the motorway. Although the figures have not yet been published on the V6, this is expected to yield comparable efficiencies.

The eTorque system also offers a number of comfort improvements compared to the standard all-gas engine. When idling, the engine switches off the cylinders and / or switches them off. This of course saves fuel, but it also reduces the vibrations in the cabin and engine noise during standstill. The eTorque system keeps comfort systems, such as alternating current and heat, underway during these times. And it helps the engine to give a direct response when you want the vehicle to move again.

2019 Dodge RA 1500 Selector switch with turntable and 4x4 control

The eTorque system ensures the first half rotation of the wheels. This allows the engine to start up seamlessly, without slowing the movement of the vehicle or disturbing passengers. Older start-stop systems are pretty violent and highly noticeable, but the eTorque system is the opposite.

Another area where the eTorque system helps to experience the driver is when the transmission goes up and down with eight gears. The eTorque system helps rev-match in both cases, allowing seamless, extremely smooth switching changes.

Dodge RAM 1500 12-inch configurable touchscreen in Longhorn

Is Diesel the answer?

RAM was the first on the American market with a diesel engine of half a ton. We should see the new 2019 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel early next year. Will the new diesel truck provide us with the performance and fuel savings we all want? For now we have to settle for an impressive, mild hybrid V6 or the always nice Hemi, with or without eTorque.

2019 RAM 1500 Tradesman

2019 RAM 1500

If you want to know more about all the new 2019 that RAM 1500 has to offer, check out our first driving impressions: "2019 RAM 1500 Review: & # 39; Bigger Everything. & # 39;"

2019 dodge ram 1500
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After spending more time in the new RAM and its competitors, I can tell you that this is an extremely competitive truck. The direct linear response to all driving inputs, steering, braking, acceleration and much more makes this truck a real winner.

The eTorque system simply improves so much more – on the environment, at the pump and in the city.

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