3rd generation Chromecast sold early, pampers Google surprise

The big October Pixel 3 event from Google may not be a week yet, but the 3rd generation Chromecast we're debuting here is already shown in the wild. The new version of Google's streaming TV adapter is not intended to officially appear until October 9, but it seems that more than one retailer has disabled the trigger early.

In all respects, Google's event becomes a big event. It certainly has more than its good number of leaks in advance, probably to the annoyance of the search giant and his PR team. First we saw the Pixel 3 XL, complete with its controversial toothed view. Leaks are then exposed to a Google Home Hub.

In the background, however, there are whispers of a new Chromecast. That first appeared in wireless test results, with an FCC application containing an indication for improved internal components. That includes better WiFi support of 5 GHz along with the use of Bluetooth.

Unfortunately for the big plans of Google, Best Buy has spoiled the surprise a bit. A number of Reddit members such as GroveStreetHomie have shared images of a new Chromecast purchased at the seller this weekend and turned out to be of a different design to the current model. Although the basis is the same, it is clear that this is new hardware.

Just like before, it is a round body with a short, strapped HDMI cable that can be connected to your TV. The glossy logo in plastic and relief in Chrome has been replaced, while the 3rd generation Chromecast now has a matte finish and the Google logo & # 39; G & # 39; is known from the Pixel smartphones of the company.

But not everything has changed. For example, the ports are the same, with microUSB for power instead of USB-C. There is still no ethernet, while Google sticks to WiFi for network connectivity.

A later Redditor, BigGigabit, shared photo's of their own local Best Buy, where boxed 3rd generation Chromecasts were already found on the shelves. With a price of $ 35, the box bids 1080p HD support, which will be disappointing for anyone who hopes for 4K Ultra HD. You still get the usual streaming of content from services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, along with casting from your smartphone.

Although the lack of a higher-resolution option is likely to frustrate a few potential upgrades, Google is relieved that the price of the updated Chromecast remains the same. The streaming adapter has always been one of the more affordable ways to get your TV connected. Whether Google is left with something on October 9 to surprise us, we will have to wait to find out.

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