Batman: Arkham Knight News – Rocksteady search & # 39; Community Manager & # 39; for highly anticipated future AAA title

Rocksteady Studios has posted several vacancies that point to the possible impending announcement of a new title. The developer of three Batman: Arkham games has been eerily quiet since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight more than three years ago, and it seems that Rocksteady is preparing to reveal the next title shortly.

There are about a dozen jobs that are currently available to grab on the Rocksteady website, including one of particular interest. It is up to a Community Manager to become a member of their North London Studio for a temporary role that oversees a "Innovative and effective promotional campaign for a long-awaited emerging AAA title."

The successful applicant will be the point of contact for fans of the game, while they also have to provide live demonstrations of the game in action.

Another task requires a Senior QA tester to help test "All aspects of the & # 39; AAA & # 39; game of our studio." It is a two-year position, which would probably take into account post-launch support and DLC testing, suggesting that Rocksteady's game will be released, or at least unveiled, within the next year or so.

The big question now is – what does Rocksteady even work on? We have heard countless rumors over the years, including Suicide Squad, Justice League or even a stab in a Superman game. There is also the prospect of a new Batman title, although that particular series feels like it has been played out somewhat. Whatever it is, a DC superhero title seems a safe bet, especially when one position asks for one "broad knowledge of comics, novels, games, cinema and popular culture with regard to video games."

Move and shake at Rocksteady now, but what do you think the studio could prepare to reveal?

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