Google Fit Redesign with new features comes on Android & carries OS

Google Fit has just received a new redesign that goes to both Android and the Wear operating system. If you've never heard of this app, it's a fitness and health app for Android. Many other health and fitness apps have worked their way up and have become extremely popular.

Google Fit has not really achieved this kind of popularity yet, but Google hopes that the new design and the new update will promote this fitness app. In essence, this update provides you with better support and features for tracking your wellness goals and activities. Read on for more information about the redesign of Google Fit and what new features the app has to offer.

Google Fit finally gets update with redesign

An important thing to note about the Google Fit update is that you will not find an iOS app for Google Fit. This update is only for Android and the Wear operating system. You can download the Wear OS iOS app if you want to collect the information and put it on your device. The Google Fit update and redesign are therefore only intended for Android and Wear OS, the primary devices that Google is trying to focus on.

The first thing you will notice is that there are two major activity goals with the update. Google worked with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to help the team develop these goals. There are more Heart Points together with Move Minutes in this great update. Move minutes will keep track of how long and often you've walked.

The basic goal is to ensure that you move more, which makes sense for an activity tracker. With Heart Points the app will keep track of how long and how often you have increased your heart rate. You will then receive points for those minutes, where one minute of practice is worth one point. The intense exercises, such as boxing or swimming, earn you double from the Heart Points.

Google Fit Android App adds features while redesign is released

Google Fit can now automatically track some activities such as cycling or walking. That is good news, because all identified activities can now be tracked automatically without you doing anything. You will also notice that there are more than 120 new activities that the app can identify. Google has just updated the app to get the data on these 120 activities, giving you much more accurate data when it comes to fitness.

Another great addition to the app is that Google Fit can also share the different collected data with other fitness apps. Google Fit shares data with Endomodo, RunKeeper, My Fitness Pal and Strava. This data can also be found in the Wear OS smartwatch, so you do not have to worry about the data transfer to other apps.

Did we also say that there is now a coaching function in the Google Fit app? This coaching function gives you customized tips on how to earn more points and how to better adapt your goals to your lifestyle and needs. This becomes super useful for people who want to increase their fitness levels little by little. If you do not even know where to start, the coaching function is very useful.

How to get Google Fit Android App update

The Google Fit Android app update should be completed within a few days. Some people may already see the update on their device, others will see this update this week. With these changes you can manage your fitness and activity goals and levels.

If you are someone who needs the extra functions to ensure that you are on schedule, the extra functions are certainly useful. With all these changes in the app and Wear OS, Google hopes that you will use Google Fit for all your fitness and wellness needs.

Please tell us in the comments below what you think of the changes that go to Google Fit. Do you use the app earlier now that it has the coaching function and also possibilities to share data with other apps? Do you think Google Fit is just as good as other fitness apps out there? What else do you want to see in a future Google Fit update?

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