Petey Piranha flashes in Mario Tennis Aces December

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This year will not be the first Switch game with a piranha installation character. Mario Tennis Aces will actually beat it with a few days with the introduction of Petey Piranha as a playable character. All you have to do is participate in the December singles online tournament, and they can also use the true power of the piranha plant. Power is also really the name of the game when it comes to Petey; he is not the smartest character on the roster, but he is doing well with almost overwhelming force.

Just like Chain Chomp, Petey is a colossal beast of a character. As long as someone does not let himself be pulled out of position by his opponent, they should not have any problems keeping the ball in play. Petey also seems to have a very solid attacking game. In the right hands, his basic shots should be enough to keep an opponent in defense and his power shot looks like he can destroy anything but a perfectly blocked shot. In other words, this is a heavy plant. Look at him, he does not even have to use a racket! Hopefully that does not come back to biting other powerful characters like Bowser. It is one thing to break a racket, but a sheet? Ouch.

Petey Piranha joins the Mario Tennis Aces schedule starts on 1 December and remains available until 31 December. Players must play at least once during that period in the online singles tournament to unlock it.

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